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FMS (Fleet Management System) is a fully-automated daily vehicle tracking system that gives you 24/7 visibility into your fleet. FMS provides real-time data to help you make informed business decisions, save money and improve efficiency. You can view comprehensive reports, schedule service appointments, and generate custom alerts for any vehicle or driver.

The Opportunity

While once limited to large corporations with massive caravans of vehicles, fleet management is now a fast-growing trend in companies of every size. From local neighborhood florists with a couple of vans to nationwide delivery services with thousands of trucks, there are many moving parts involved when it comes to managing a fleet.

Maximizing efficiency is essential for every business. These days, most are taking every possible step to increase productivity while simultaneously reducing expenses. Utilizing fleet management software can help you achieve these goals from anywhere, no matter where the vehicles are located

What We Did

Managing a fleet comes with many challenges, so streamlining the process through automation is a popular option. Technology is being used more than ever to streamline operations, reduce costs and integrate new systems.

We worked closely with companies currently managing around 1000 vehicles. We understood their problems, flaws in their systems and gaps.

The Results

There are two distinct areas that fleet management covers, the vehicles and the drivers. Fleet management software (FMS) is generally used to collect data from a few key areas while the vehicle is in service. That data is then analyzed to reveal areas that need improvement so that adjustments can be made in real-time.

To help with the fleet we have developed the following modules:

1. Manage Fleet Size

The daily operations for fleets of any size involve many components and can be difficult to manage effectively. Implementing Fleet Manager provides a platform to view every aspect remotely, even if the vehicles are scattered across the country.

2. Increase Vehicle Life Span

Fleet Manager has the ability to track each vehicle via the use of GPS, allowing them to monitor performance and any potential maintenance issues. Staying on top of factors like mileage, tire wear, braking habits, and oil changes means the lifespan of the vehicle can be increased.

3. Improve Safety

Fleet management software includes a driving behavior component, which can even include a video recording feature. Fleet drivers’ habits and behaviors are monitored, helping to prevent damage and improve safety.

4. Reduce Cost

Built-in tools, such as GPS tracking, help reduce overall costs by providing valuable insight into a fleet. Fleet Management software reports can illustrate how much each vehicle is costing a company, allowing management to make improvements or change direction as needed.

5. Dispatch Improvement

Gone are the days of having to radio a dispatcher to find out where a vehicle is and when it will return. Fleet management provides immediate access to fleet locations, vehicle requests, and job performance.

6. Increase Customer Satisfaction

Customers love to know exactly where their delivery is and when it will arrive. Fleet management software offers the ability to provide updates in real-time, along with troubleshooting any issues or delays.

7. Optimize Routes

By utilizing GPS software, managers are able to plan out routes that are both effective and efficient. Information about mapping, fuel usage, and other factors is immediately available, meaning that fleet productivity is maximized.

8. Offer Real-Time Notifications

By offering real-time notifications, fleet management software provides updates on everything from fuel levels to mapping routes. Managers can avoid interrupting drivers for necessary information, as the reports are constantly updated.

9. Maintain Communication

Many vehicles utilizing fleet management software are now equipped with built-in communication tools for easy communication between businesses and their drivers. Hands-free devices keep everyone safe, while also allowing for the exchange of information and relevant updates.

10. Compile Important Data

One of the biggest benefits of fleet management is the ability to compile data quickly and thoroughly. From generating reports to uploading statistics, the software can provide the exact numbers a company needs to streamline operations.

How We Did It

We started with understanding problems, issues, and gaps in an existing fleet managing company.

After gathering requirements, we drafted a solution and technical architecture.

It helped us to deal with multiple modules required to solve problems in multiple domains, either the vehicle side or the driver side.

While developing each module we made sure, they are compatible with each other. Should be easy to use and can be modified based on customer requirements.

We went with cloud deployment giving it the ability to be accessed from anywhere around the world. It can be used in a web browser or as a stand-alone application.

Our Aim while developing

Make fleet management software an essential tool for smooth operations of the fleet, no matter the size. Tracking the location and condition of the vehicles, maintenance schedules, and fuel usage help manage costs and keeps the equipment working longer.

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